Class Footage: Problem - Ariana Grande (Pentatonix cover) | Gin Lam Choreography

A dance instructor once shared during class that one sure-fire way to become a better dancer is to film yourself dancing every chance you get so you can specifically point out and work on your areas of weakness. If you're like me who constantly think too much when doing a routine (and end up messing the entire thing anyway), then this method would be like a recurring nightmare. Imagine your messy interpretation of the choreographer's work caught on tape. Shudder! I've got tons of class footage and barely a handful only make it on social media.

Sharing this class footage on the blog to commemorate the first time THE Gin Lam picked me out to dance in the same frame with her. Gin's one of the best dancers in Singapore whom I look up to because of her effortless swag no matter how fast the choreography is. Love her.